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Penarth Computers specialise in PC Computers that are running a whole range of operating systems, software and hardware. Wether you are running Windows 7 or Linux, we can confidently work with all hardware/ software regardless (it comes with over 10 years experience!).

Ram Upgrades

Ram Upgrades
    What is RAM? - often reffered to as the memory of the computer, not to be confused with hard drive space (physical storage of files and documents on your computer).

    Primarily responsible for mult-tasking and general appication speed when using your computer, It also effects your startup and shutdown times, as well as making your computer run more smoothly.

    Upgrade your computers memory from only £9.99!


PC Repairs

    What is Hardware? - Hardware refers to any physical component in your computer, so any part of the computer you can actually touch!

    Your PC is made up of many 'hardware' components, such as the CPU / Processor, Hard Drive, Motherboard, Power Supply, Graphics Card or even the DVD drive.

    We can diagnose your hardware issues FREE OF CHARGE and notify you of any associated costs before undertaking any work.


PC Repairs


    It's a common misconception setup by the computer manufacturers that when your computer becomes slow, you need to buy a new one.

    PC Computers have easily upgradeable components and you can easily save yourself hundreds of pounds instead of buying a new computer by reusing your old components!

    We offer FREE ESTIMATES on all custom builds and upgrades!


PC Repairs

Windows 8

    Windows® is the preffered operating system by most PC retailers, and there for you are most likely to be running a recent version.

    Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 are the 5 most recent versions available.

    As hardware technology progresses, so does software! Keeping up to date with the latest version of Windows is vital to ensuring your computer stands the test of time and performance!

    Upgrade to Windows 8® from only £49.99!


Heat Damage

Heat Damage

    When computers are on, they generate heat. Heat is dealt with by a series of fans and heatsyncs, responsible for dissipating the heat away from the components and keeping your PC cool and healthy.

    When heat issues strike, you may see BLUE WARNING SCREENS, your computer might behave oddly, or even turn itself off altogether!

    Don't just accept heat issues, we can help!


Startup Problems

Heat Damage

    Sometimes your computer just does not want to boot. You may have tried the 'recovery options' or even got it to boot successfully in 'safe mode', but resolving the issue permanently can sometimes be tricky!

    Wether it's a registry problem, a hardware or software issue, or the death of a hard drive or other component, diagnosing startup issues is our speciality.

    In most cases we can diagnose your startup issue within minutes of seeing your computer, so book a free appointment today!


Hard Drive Errors

Disk Errors

    What is a hard drive? - The physical storage area within your computer, responsible for holding your documents, pictures, music and other files.

    Hard Drive's are very often the first thing to go on any computer. They have actual moving parts and therefore are much more sensitive and prone to faults/ issues.

    Don't suffer silently with hard drive problems, we come equipped ready to advise as well as repair!


Backup Services

Cloud Storage Providers

    Backup rule of thumb - 2 or more copies of your data stored at seperate locations. Saving a copy to an external hard drive does NOT mean it is backed up, unless you have another copy somewhere else, be it on a USB, PC or Cloud storage.

    Cloud storage is definitely the way of the future, this simply means storing your files online.

    Whatever your backup scenario, we can help you decide which resolution is right for you!


File Recovery

File Recovery
    Documents, Music, Pictures & other types of data are irreplaceable. Computer components can always be replaced, but your memories or work can't.

    Data Forensics specialists offer great success rates but with extremely high costs, our engineers are able to perform a wide range of data recovery services without incurring outrageous costs.

    Data recovery services start from £49.99!


Software Issues

Software Issues

    Sometimes software fails to run properly, or stops working completely. This can be an EXTREMELY frustrating scenario when you need to open that crucial document from your email, or get access to a website.

    Diagnosing software issues can require experience and understanding of computer software architecture.

    Need help fixing your bespoke application or database? We also specialise in SQL, Python, PHP, ASP.NET and a wide range of other languages and database protocols.


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